Out of Step

It’s extremely easily to get lost in a new place, both mentally and physically. Sometimes your mind drifts into this new world of “I don’t knows” and “what comes next?” It’s even possible that you’re lost more than found but that doesn’t make it wrong, it makes it interesting.

This past Monday, my English class took a small field trip around the school. You wouldn’t believe how much you miss on the campus that you plant your feet on ever weekday of the school year.

Bare fields,


images in the trees,


history itself.


Even coming face-to-face with all of these things that you cast a passing glance to normally, you still don’t know how significant they are to the world. To others, these things could be their everything. Meeting someone important to themselves underneath the shielding eyes of the leaves or maybe a proposition against the wall of the gym. You aren’t aware of these could-be’s but they could very well exist.

You are an outsider of this fish tank world and it’s so easy fall out of step on the most well-known path. But is it a bad thing to be off of a conveyor belt that keeps on going?

Let me give you an Insider, it isn’t. [You] will soon be found, [you] will soon be found.


For the entirety of the mini field trip, I stood off to the side of the group every time we got an explanation from our “tour guide.” From the side, I took group pictures to show how easy it was to watch the world go with or without you.


It was a really content morning and it was the most relaxing thing to lay down in a large circle on the softball field. I didn’t feel alone but I didn’t feel like I was apart of a group. It was sweet, silent solitude in a crowd of people who were experiencing the same thing I was. It’s a really weird feeling when you aren’t scared of being alone for a while. It’s refreshing yet at the same time, you aren’t one hundred percent sure if you’ll ever feel the opposite again.

Heading back to the classroom, the train of students was stretched out and clotted in small pairs and groups speaking in hand gestures and mouthed words. I brought up the back and just people watched, a fine past time.  To my surprise, a fellow student caught my attention and ushered me towards him and a few others, not wanting me to walk alone. The gesture alone was so kind even though it wasn’t needed and it was enough to light up my day. 

“The thing that makes [this place] special is the people, that’s why it’s a nice place to live.” – Mr. T


It’s okay to be out of step for a while but you won’t be lagging behind forever. You’ll find your way back to the pack in no time. Take a deep breath and feel free to yell, “Syke! Life is Awesome!



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